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My New Friend: Minha Nova Amiga

Hello everyone,

My name is Edna, and I worked as a nanny for over 15 years. I just wrote a Children’s book about meeting a nanny. Meeting “new friends” c

an be hard for our little ones. This is especially difficult when Mommy and Daddy have to leave them in the care of this “new friend”.

The new children’s storybook “My New Friend” by Edna Freeman will demonstrate to your little ones that when parents leave, they also will return. Plus it will inspire all the fun that they can have with their “new friend” the nanny while parents are away.

The book is bilingual; it is in English and Portuguese. I just published it on Amazon Kindle and I plan to publish it on hardcover soon.

This book is based in a true story.

Thank you for your support.

Purchase for Kindle (and coming soon a Hard Cover version!)

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